Is high school too early to plan for a career?

In my role as a career counselor, I have seen many children being clueless about what he/she wants to pursue after the 10th! Designing a career path early is one of the most crucial decisions to be made by both the parents and the child jointly. You can not leave your future on luck or destiny. High school is a bridge that takes you to the path of probable view of your career. Remember, the probable view may change but it is good to start designing your career path early so that you have ample time to work on your design. You cannot build a tower in one day; likewise, you cannot decide careers in one go. You need to understand and identify your interest, assess what you need to do, plan to cater to your interest, and take action. When it is "YOU" who is executing your life goals, YOU need to take charge and work towards it. How can you do it? Ask these questions to yourself while designing your career path: What do I like to do? Introspect your journey of academics s

Dealt with FOMO, Yet?

Fear of missing out (FOMO), by definition, is the anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere. And you are missing out being a part of it. Social Media has become/becoming omnipresent, and access to these tools also becoming seamless, for most people in the world. With this, there is always enough and more scope of getting this syndrome every daily, in many ways. Let's take the situation of the world we are all living in - Locked down, having a bit more time than we usually do. On seeing a video from a close friend of yours pursuing their favorite hobby, in your WhatsApp group - did you feel you are missing out on doing the same? A report in your favorite news website stating thing you could do, that you are unable to right now - and you feel sick about it? You are not the only one going through these fear of missing out emotions. The question is - what can we do, & help our near ones do if they are getti